MMT group is comprised of a knowledgeable and well-experienced team of logistics professionals, as well as partners across continents with unreserved efforts in providing service to different types of customers with the highest satisfaction and promptness. It has been established to provide a wide-ranging logistics and domestic transportation services, including all business transaction between China, Vietnam, Philippines, and rest of the world.

Our management has a passion for its job, for its stakeholders and cooperates in order to get a profitable and sustainable business model, through a personal relationship with customers, agents and all parties involved. Our people are all committed to customer satisfaction as a defined target for company success.

MMT Philippine Office

MMT/MEGA MILE TRANS group has three bases in Philippines, China, and Vietnam, it consists of three main center offices in Manila, Xiamen, and Vietnam, and other several subsidiaries in Philippines and China.

MMT Manila-Mega Mile Trans International Cargo Service Inc. was founded earlier in 2012 and has obtained International Freight Forwarding  Accreditation in the Philippines.

MMT China- Xiamen Mega Mile Trans International Logistics Co. Ltd. was founded in May 2014 and has obtained International Freight Forwarding Accreditation in China. Majority of goods and imports are coming from China the reason why this “Factory Asia” now makes almost half the world’s goods.

MMT China Office

MMT Vietnam Office

MMT Vietnam- Mega Mile Trans International Logistics Co. Ltd. was founded in May 2018. Viet Nam is one of the stars of the emerging markets universe and has a growing economy and its exports are worth as much as the total value of its GDP next to China.

To become the leading forwarding company that caters both domestic and international freight offering the best rates while providing competitive and high quality service to customers.

To build our customers’ competitive advantage by supplying them with hassle-free transaction; satisfying rates with accurate service and prompt delivery; and giving quick response to their immediate needs.